The Kindness Project

Show it :: Share it

Make a video to show how to make something! Your video will be a gift to help someone else feel better. The act of kindness is in the sharing.

You could make pom-poms, an origami bird, a papier mâché monster or a spaceship made from egg cartons. The list is endless, and it is entirely up to you! Once you have decided what you want to make, we are asking you to create an instructional video on your phone or tablet about how to make it.

We have all watched videos on how to make things. Now it is your turn to teach us!

See the great videos people have already made!

How to make your video

  1. Watch the films listed below about how to make a video
  2. Make your own video. It shouldn’t be longer than 5 minutes. It mustn’t show anyone’s face.
  3. If you would like to be featured on Span Arts Vimeo page please send your videos via to If your film is chosen to be published, we will ask your parents to sign the Show it Share it permission form.
Here are the films to watch first:

This is a unique opportunity for children and/or young people in Pembrokeshire to be part of a digital creative community which will reach out to people of all ages who are socially isolating, both in the community and in residential settings.