Map Digi Penfro

A Deep Map of Pembrokeshire

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Map Digi Penfro is an online digital map that allows people to record information that is important to them about the places they live in and pass through.  Information can be recorded as text or image including photographs, drawings, audio recordings and even short films.

The project was developed over a year as part of Span Digidol starting with an intensive weekend at Garn Fawr in July 2019 followed by day workshops in Narberth, Broad Haven and Newport.

Map Digi Penfro Workshop – Garn Fawr

A workshop planned in Saundersfoot for 28th March 2020 was cancelled by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Span Deep Map

The map remains online and you can still add to it.  It is very easy to use and there are instructions on the site.

Have a look at the map.  There is much of interest to see and hear.  Equally you may have your own points of interest to add.  We’d love you to add to the map!

Explore the map►

Spin-off. In spring 2020, the Folio local history group in Sutton Coldfield adopted the same software to make a map of their locality.