Alleviating loneliness, boredom and anxiety through creative experiences – Mindful Photography

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This year, in response to Covid19, Span Arts has alleviated loneliness, boredom and anxiety through creative experiences. The latest project has been Mindful Photography.   

Led by Ray Hobbs, eight Span volunteers took part over a month.  The fruition of their mindful creativity can be viewed on line  

“It has been such a relaxing and inspiring experience, it has taught me to actually look at my surroundings and take it in. It has helped me to forget about the situation the world is in right now and value what is around me.” Span Volunteer.  

You can see the photos on Rays Website here

Ray tells us about his experience: 

It’s an honor to present the work of eight charity volunteers who responded to my proposal of an on-line Mindful Photography event.

I was invited by SPAN Arts of Narberth to propose an engaging on-line project to inspire a clutch of their volunteers. My proposal, and challenge, was to introduce the group to on-line Mindful Photography, to encourage them to create their own compilation of Mindful photographs and to share the outcome with their group and the wider audience through this blog.

Through the medium of PowerPoint and Zoom I presented a collection of my own Mindful photographs taken during my daily dog walks, which were captured on my phone or compact camera. I introduced and discussed each slide and spoke about how I felt about each image and what prompted me to take the photo.

The group of SPAN volunteers were then invited to produce their own set of five images during a two-week period using their own camera, ‘phone or to use one of my digital compact cameras. These images would then be sent to me along with any name tag, text or audio files to accompany their photos.

For the convenience of the group I set-up a WhatsApp group to enable everyone to communicate and share their experiences and work.

From all these files I then produced a ppt and presented the work to the group on-line. The outcome of their work was this amazing and engaging collection of beautiful images, poetry, texts and audio files, which I am proud to present here.

I was delighted to witness how the group responded so positively to the task and their support for each other and how they encouraged and motivated one other; truly inspirational.

Following the presentation of their submitted images via ppt and Zoom they all agreed that they plan to continue to take photographs and to be Mindful in their daily activities. They all agree about how much they enjoyed working in a group on a shared task and a desire to collaborate again on a future project. I introduced my Narberth Flaneur from 2016 and suggested that we produce our own Narberth community Flâneur during November 2020.

I look forward at some time to meeting all the members of this wonderful, creative group in a Covid-safe environment.

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