IGNITE – Sparking Ideas for the Future of ‘River Of Lights’

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This year we are taking a break from ‘River of Lights’ (Haverfordwest’s hugely popular community lantern parade) to recoup, reflect and start to make a plan for the future.

In 2017 the event saw phenomenal growth and popularity with more than 3000 people taking part. As one of the 2017 participants commented “It’s a very atmospheric event, a creative community where everyone comes together…it’s vibrant and exactly what Haverfordwest needs!” 99% of people we surveyed last year said they wanted more things like it happening in the county town.

Taking a year out will provide us with the space needed to make the 2019 parade even bigger, better and brighter and give us time to have conversations with more people about the future of the event.

Your chance to get involved will take place at IGNITE on 31st October, from 5-9pm at HaverHub, when Span Arts and spacetocreate have organised an evening of inspirational film-screenings, light-painting and other ‘gifts of light’ from local artists and organisations. A bar and hot food will also be available.

We know many will miss the hugely popular parade this year but we hope people will come to IGNITE instead, have an enjoyable time and take the opportunity to influence how the Lantern Parade can continue into 2019 and beyond.

IGNITE will be an opportunity for everyone who cares about the Haverfordwest Lantern Parade to come and have their say and get involved in shaping the future of this event in 2019. It also forms part of Span Arts new digital project Span Digidol and we are keen to explore how digital technology could be part of the 2019 parade.

For more information call us on 01834 869323 and ask to speak with the Digidol team.

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