Interested in joining one of our 8 week courses? Here’s all you need to know!

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 We are offering FREE online 8 week courses in Puppetry, Poetry, Welsh Folk Singing and Dance and Movement. The aim is to help you develop your digital skills whilst learning something creative and new! Not sure what it entails? Here’s all you need to know: 

How do I book? 

Simply email Pip on to book or book your place online by clicking here

Is it being carried out over zoom?  

Yes, SPAN is using the video conferencing platform zoom to develop these workshops. When you sign up , you will be sent a link to click on. If you have used Zoom before you will be invited into a waiting room and admitted by the workshop host at the beginning of the workshop. If you are new to zoom you it will automatically download the platform for you and you can then join in. Please use our guide to using zoom here. 

Cyngor Zoom ar gyfer Gweithdai Ar-lein_Zoom Guidance for Online Workshops

I have never used zoom, what do I need to do? 

  • It’s possible to automatically download zoom to a laptop or computer by clicking on the link below. If using a tablet or phone, it’s available on “Google Play” and the Apple “App Store”:
  • When the installer has downloaded on laptop or PC, click on it in the bottom left corner of your browser to start the installation. You can also find it in “Downloads” underneath your web browser settings 

Please use our guide to using zoom below:

Cyngor Zoom ar gyfer Gweithdai Ar-lein_Zoom Guidance for Online Workshops

What digital skills do I need? 

You will only need basic digital skills to get you online. We can even help you with this process over the phone. You will an internet connection, web cam, speakers and a computer in order to take part.  

Is the workshop interactive?   

Yes, the workshop will be very interactive and led by an experienced artist, poet or musician. A member of the SPAN staff team will also be present to help get you started and make sure you are happy. You should be able to see and hear all the other participants in the zoom room. We are happy to do a trial with you to get you started.  

Who else will attend? 

The workshops are open to everyone of any age in Pembrokeshire. We are keen to invite children and older adults to take part. Everyone is welcome.  

Will it be safe?  

SPAN have a safeguarding policy in place and strict new procedures for keeping people safe online. All participants are expected to comply with a code of conduct which is set out in advance and at the beginning of each workshop. 

My Grandma/Grandad lives alone, can I connect with them through this project? 

Yes! This is the perfect project to connect with you grandma over the Autumn season. The project has been designed to help connect families and friends who are unable to see each other at this difficult time.  We would encourage you to hook up with an older or younger relative or friend through this project to help you make the most of it.  

How long will it last? 

Your weekly workshop will last 1hr for 8 weeks. This will include regular check ins, warm up activities and fun and creative sessions.  

Do I have to attend every session? 

No, its not essential that you attend every session, but we are keen to encourage you to attend as many as possible to experience the full experience.  

Click here to book onto one of the courses!


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