Lighting up Haverfordwest in 2019

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Span Arts and spacetocreate have been getting the ball rolling for River of Lights 2019 Haverforwest’s spectacular community lantern parade! We’ve been having talks with community leaders to look at how we can bring back the incredibly popular event, reaching out to communities within the town and beyond.

River of Lights 2019 will build upon the phenomenal success of 3 years of Lantern Parades in Haverfordwest from 2015-17, as well as Ignite, the consultation event we held in October 2018, by fulfilling expectations of local people to create a large scale creative community event as well as reaching out to new communities around the county.

The 2019 parade will be developed under theme of Wales’ Year of Discovery and will explore, uncover and celebrate the hidden depths of Haverfordwest. The imaginative, playful and memorable parade will celebrate the county town’s unique spirit and shed light on the town’s past, present and future role. As well as this, Span Arts’ new digital project Span Digidol hopes to add a technological element to the event with the potential for projections and digital light-art installations which involve the community.

Funding for the 2019 event is not yet fully secured but is likely to come from a mixture of sources including: direct donations from participants, community funding and national funding schemes.

Together with the people of Haverfordwest we plan to create a visually stunning illuminated lantern parade that is embedded in the county town and its annual calendar of events. The parade will draw people and communities into the town from across the county, through a programme of satellite workshops, putting the town on the map in terms of its quality and innovation.

“It’s a very atmospheric event, a creative community where everyone comes together…it’s vibrant and exactly what Haverfordwest needs!” Participating family 2017

Click here to read feedback from the 2018 consultation event IGNITE.

Contact: if you are interested in volunteering.

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