Meet the Artists for our Clwb Digi Shared Worlds project.

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Looking for something FREE and different to relieve stress, boredom and loneliness this Autumn?

Try our new programme of 1hr creative intergenerational online workshops over the next 8 weeks to help you to feel better and keep connected with others during this difficult time.

Choose between working with a puppeteer, poet, dancer/movement artist and or welsh folk singer with Emily Laurens, Richard Chappell, Kerry Steed and Jeremy Huw Williams.

We are looking for people of all ages for this uplifting intergenerational project.

Simply email Pip, on to sign up.

Visual Artist Emily Laurens has devised an intergenerational participatory art project and inviting participants to share their stories which will be shared, blended, and brought to life using puppetry via digital platforms.

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The stories will be told with improvised rough theatre, cardboard puppets, and live soundtracks. The puppets could be highly naturalistic or totally abstract and might make no sense or total sense! This project welcomes creative risk taking and failure. Working with both older and young participants simple stories will get paired with more complex ones providing counterpoint, tension, and drama. For all participants, the process of centering themselves in their own story has the potential to help work through difficult and complex situations and emotions. This project will mirror our new ways of living, separated and yet together. It will be part of the way we are stumbling into a new post Covid way of being in the world, finding new connections and new ways of connecting.

“Before a project starts there is this magical moment of anticipation, who will the participants be? What stories will they tell? And in what ways will this project change all of us involved?”

In this welsh language intergenerational singing project with Menter Iaith Sir Benfro, Dr Jeremy Huw Williams is inviting children between the ages of 8 and 18 years old, and older people over the age of 60, to share their stories through the traditional songs of Wales.  Initially the older generation will be asked to select songs that are important or memorable to them, perhaps invoking positive memories and associations of childhood in Wales.  These stories and knowledge will be shared with the children, and we will all learn to sing the songs together.  The community spirit will be further enhanced by song as the children choose Welsh songs that have a special significance for them and teaching these songs to the older generation.  The Welsh are known for their love of singing, and folk songs have always been the most accessible form of song for all people.  I will facilitate the learning of these songs in an online environment, in which all participants will be able to see and hear me sing and play the piano simultaneously.  This intergenerational project will bring people together in a mutually beneficial way that will promote understanding and respect between generations, creating a greater cohesion and promote joy and wellbeing through singing.

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“I am looking forward to meeting the people of Pembrokeshire and sharing their stories through song.”

Choreographer Richard Chappell will be creating a series of short dance films, fostering new connections between local people of all ages through dance and conversation. Within the project, Richard will lead participants via a video conferencing platform to record themselves talking and reflecting about their lockdown experience, alongside asking people how they will connect with others moving forwards. Richard will then work with each person to create their own unique short solo, which will be matched with their recorded voices and filmed on each participants phone or home device. As a final part of the project, Richard will pair each participant with another local person to record audio letters, connecting people together and enabling people to move to another person’s voice. At the end of this process, these films will make a series of letters and short segments of dance with and for people of all ages and abilities.

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“I feel compelled to address through this project how dance can bring people together on a local level post lockdown. Currently, connections with people feel fleeting and almost alien in nature after three months of limiting our experiences of sharing space with others. The final film will celebrate fleeting moments of connectivity between people and act as patchwork for re connecting the spaces which have emerged amongst local people and their communities.”

 As this project will be managed digitally, it is in keeping with all social distancing guidelines

Kerry Steed is a creative writer, poet, performer and musician. She will be leading an intergenerational poetry and spoken word project, inviting budding writers aged 8 – 18 and 60+ to create poems inspired by the places they love and which have enriched their lives. Together with Kerry discover, develop or hone your poetry. Through creative conversations, writing and word play imaginatively explore and re-connect with your favourite places, and revisit the places that you may miss, which still hold memory and meaning.

Creative writing can encourage our playful curiosity in the world around us; it helps us to be mindful, present and reminds us of what brings us joy and contentment. Writing is also a powerful way to give voice to our stories, through sharing these stories we make connections with others and can feel a part of a community.

Kerry will bring participants together to create a group spoken word poem and video about our places in the world.  One-to-one and group online video calling sessions will provide a safe, creative space to write and share. Individual and group poems can be shared online for family and friends.

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‘I am looking forward to meeting those who’d like to join me; to hearing their stories about the places they love, and to exploring the words and poetry which will emerge as we come together to create and write.’

We are proud to offer these free and fantastic opportunities to work with our four Artists. For more information and to get involved please email

Shared Worlds is a participatory intergenerational Digital Arts Project which provides an exciting opportunity for children and young people a older people to work together with a professional artist to create a piece of creative digital work over a 6-8 week period this Autumn.

If you represent any of the following groups: Youth Services and projects, Carers, Day care centres, Care home providers, Community groups and are aware of someone who is interested in being a participant you are also very welcome to apply.



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