Under Milk Wood in Lock Down – Cast and Crew!

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We hope you enjoyed our Theatr Soffa production of Under Milk Wood which was live streamed through zoom at 8pm on the 20th June 2020.

The production featured a community cast of 25 actors.

Please find below a full cast list for the production.

And some images from the performance in case you missed it!

Captain Cat


Captain Cat and the Drowned Sailors


Myfanwy Price and Mog Edwards


Mary Ann ‘Sailors’


The Neighbours


Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard, Mr Ogmore and Mr Pritchard


Mr and Mrs Cherry Owen


Dai Bread


Lord Cut Glass


The Butcher Beynons and Lily Smalls


Mr Puw, Dai Bread, Polly Garter, No Good Boyo, Lord Cut Glass


Mr Pugh and Mrs Pugh


Mrs Dai Bread 1 and Mrs Dai Bread 2


No Good Boyo


Captain Cat and Rosie Probert


The whole cast


Under Milk Wood

written by Dylan Thomas


Voice 1                                                 Gwen Watson

Miss Price

Voice 2                                                 Steff Evans

Captain Cat

Voice 3                                                Huw Rowlands

Mr Mog Edwards

Voice 4                                                Avril Page

Voice 5                                                Ann Maidment

4th Neighbour

1st Woman

Voice 6                                                Louise Hammond

Mrs Dai Bread 2

Voice 7                                                Jenny Roach

Mrs Beynon

Voice 8                                              John Roach

5th Drowned

Organ Morgan

Butcher Beynon

Rev. Eli Jenkins

Voice 9                                                Carol Mackenna

Mrs Dai Bread 1

Voice 10                                              Cathy Davies

Mrs Cherry Owen

1st Drowned                                      Rhys Eynon

Lord Cut Glass

Ocky Milkman

2nd Drowned                                    Rhys Lewis

No Good Boyo

Willy Nilly

3rd Drowned                                    Kelvyn Lewis

Dai Bread

Mr Pritchard

4th Drowned                                     John Wright

Voice of a Guidebook

Rosie Probert                                    Siân Thomas Evans

Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard                  Elaine Cocciadiferro

Mr Pugh                                            Andy Kurzfeld

Mrs Pugh                                          Penny Wyn

1st Neighbour                                    Maya Donnelly

Polly Garter

Mae Rose Cottage

Mrs Willy Nilly

3rd Woman

2nd Neighbour                                  Mer Taylor

2nd Woman

Mary Ann Sailors

3rd Neighbour                                  Deri Morgan

4th Woman

Lilly Smalls

Mr Ogmore

Mr Cherry Owen                              Dave Puddy


Publicity                                                           Di Ford

Assistant Director                                          Siobhan Ashe


Film and Technical Production                   Jacob Whittaker

Produced and Directed by                            Rowan O’Neill


If you enjoyed the performance and would like to watch similar productions in the future please consider donating to Span Arts by clicking the link below:



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