SPAN DIGIDOL – An introduction

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In May 2018 Span Arts launched an exciting new 2 year project Digidol

What is Digidol?

Digidol (Welsh for Digital) is a two year pilot project to develop a new way of delivering cultural services via digital technology to rural communities across the whole of Pembrokeshire.  The project has run a suite of creative and social activities over the past eighteen months.  In these final weeks of the project we want to showcase some of this amazing work which we have captured in films and blogs to tell the story of how this work has enabled us to better exploit digital technology to reduce social and cultural isolation whilst inspiring some incredible intergenerational work, up-skilling both young and old members of the community.

In the coming weeks we will hold a fortnightly screening of some of this work and share some other blogs and bits and pieces that tell this rich and never more timely story.

Visit our What’s Online page for our latest line up of events.

The Span Digidol project was launched on the 18th October 2018 at Canolfan Hermon in North Pembrokeshire.  Artists, technologists and members of the public were invited to come along to hear some inspiring talks and demos and to play with some hands-on technology, guided by artists Gemma Green-Hope, Penny Jones and Stefhan Caddick all of whom use the digital realm to make or enhance their art work.

Emma Posey, Learning Manager for Raspberry Pi Foundation and Artist In Residence at Emerging Technologies Invisible Arts Network, facilitated informal discussions to stimulate ideas and debate on how the project would be delivered in communities across Pembrokeshire.

Trailer for Digidol Launch event English

Trailer for Digidol Launch event Welsh

Digi Veg

Digi Veg was a collaboration between Span Arts, electronic musician Andy Wheddon and a local community group who organise Narberth Food Festival. Over the course of the Food Festival weekend (22 and 23 September 2018) 50 people were introduced to a new creative technology. We worked with 17 participants recording and manipulating vegetable sounds digitally, programming Rasperry Pi and building digi-veg-keyboards which were available for members of the public to play with and find out more about the Span Digidol project.

Span S Competition

At the same time as launching Span Digidol we publicised an online competition to create a new animated logo for Span.

Take a look at our brilliant competition winners Michael lynch, Matthew Lynch, Shilah, Poppy Randall, Eva Rose Darlington and Ffion Dowdall, Aphra Randall, Liv & Kate and Oscar Stanbury!

Dedicated animation workshops in January and February of 2019 were held to reach out to more people. These workshops became a model for our Clwb Digi creative technology sessions for young people becoming a monthly addition to our program in 2019.

To find out more about Span Digidol and to take part in our online program see our What’s On page.

Span Arts’ Digidol project has been funded by LEADER through Arwain Sir Benfro and the Arts Council of Wales.


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