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Here at Span Arts we have been busy updating our digital systems as part of our new, LEADER and the Arts Council of Wales funded “Digidol” project. It might sound boring to you but we are over-the-moon to be bringing the organisation up to date digitally!

One of our most visible changes has been the move towards e-tickets or print-at-home tickets which we have been trialing this Autumn with much success.

One event we were anxious to try it at was our annual Advent Concert at Pisga Chapel. Not only is the venue not ideally suited to digital technology as it has no WiFi and limited mobile signal, the audience for this particular event are older and have lower digital confidence than our regular audience. In the lead up to the event we had a number of people struggling with the new system and had to provide additional encouragement and support to ticket-buyers. This extended to showing some people who’d come in to buy a ticket how to use their smartphones to download their tickets as well as talking people through the process over the phone. We were really worried that the community were going to reject the new system but were thrilled to find that on the night nearly 60% of the pre-booked audience (280 people) showed up with their tickets either on their phones or printed at home. In the end the audience were really positive as they could see how it sped up the process of letting them into the event!

For us, changing the system is really important; as a small arts charity the cost of printing tickets for people and the amount of staff time this took was prohibitive. E-ticketing has saved us money, time and should be better for the environment too if people use their mobile phones rather than printing their ticket out.

We are committed to supporting people with low digital confidence to do this as it is something which is becoming increasingly necessary in today’s society. If you are someone who struggles with technology and want to buy a ticket, pop into the office and staff will be more than happy to show you how it’s done and help you with your smartphone or digital device.

We are really pleased with the trial and plan to continue with this method in the new year. Thanks for being our guinea pigs Pembrokeshire!

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