Reasons to Volunteer

We love our volunteers, and there are a fair few benefits to becoming one…read on!

* Brilliant work experience. Whether you want to work in the arts or not you will learn transferrable skills – and not only will you gain an enhanced CV you will also gain real skills and experience that will boost your confidence.

* Our volunteers enjoy meeting new people, having a good laugh, and are passionate about bringing high quality arts to Pembrokeshire. What brilliant people to become friends with!

* We have a complimentary ticket scheme so you and/or your friends and family can enjoy some of the best arts and events around – for free!

* One of the biggest benefits of all has to be knowing that you personally will be part of bringing the arts to people’s doorsteps, allowing everyone to be inspired and entertained and not just the few.


If you would like to be part of an exciting team, and help bring the best in live arts to Pembrokeshire, why not become a Span Arts volunteer?

We’d love to hear from you! Contact Siobhan Ashe on 01834 869323 or email Siobhan@span-arts.org.uk.