A true story theatre production to mark the WW1 Centenary

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On Saturday 10th November Flying Bridge Theatre Company will perform Between the Crosses at Llanddewi Village Hall.

Here Tim Baker, director and writer tells us about the company and their production.

I have worked as a director and writer in Wales for 40 years. I am a Welsh speaker and I have worked with several of the National Theatres in Britain. I am as passionate about theatres and audiences as I have ever been. I enjoy bringing theatre to new spaces and encouraging young people to engage with the arts, whether as an audience or an active participant. The thing that drives me is working with a quality of work whether on a stage, on a street, in a community centre or in a primary school.

Flying Bridge Theatre Company is a relatively new company based in Newport, one of the few professional theatre companies based there. Our focus is creating a work which bridges communities, by working with our audiences before and after they see our show. Our ideal is to visit a city and do more than just the booked performance, we are interested in sharing our work with people who might not get the chance to see it on the stage. We want to bring new audiences to see great theatre and that’s what we hope to do with Between The Crosses and a series of other projects in the future. Flying Bridge have created shows such as A Regular Little Houdini (which has now been performed globally) and Not About Heroes and have a real passion for community driven engagement, ‘bridging’ that gap between theatre makers and audiences.

“Between the Crosses” is a story of survival, loss and hope. A thrilling and uplifting yarn, written around the life, and featuring the real interviews, of Edgar Huggins, a World War One veteran and the last surviving member of the Durham Light Infantry. His stories of the battles of Ypres and Sommes, in his words are not extra-ordinary, but they are truthful, a quality which most accounts cannot boast; for in the interest of national security and sparing the loved ones at home, real accounts of the despair and sacrifice are few and far between. The play focuses on the difficulties of being a survivor and on our need to create heroes. What is a hero? The survivor who left his pals in the field? The father who spares his family the trauma of what he has seen? If the experiences are not dealt with,will we ever learn? And what lessons can be taught when a significant, historic event passes out of living memory?

The event will take place at 7:30pm

To purchase your tickets click here



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