Akua Naru to bring hip-hop to Narberth

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Akua Naru Chair

Akua will perform at the Queens Hall on Sat 9th April

To keep things exciting this Easter, we’ll be inviting the incredibly talented Akua Naru as she performs her sensational and truly historical hip-hop tunes at the Queens Hall, Narberth on Saturday 9th April!

Flying in all the way from the USA, Akua originally hails from New Haven, Conneticut – a racially divided city battling gentrification, rising unemployment and violent crime.

The startling urban social condition and striking vulnerability of black women helped to shape Akua’s music, and fuelled her committment to history and activism; these are both themes expressed vivivdly within the songs that she’ll perform here in Narberth.

Akua Naru Bench

Akua Naru – Span Arts

Having grown up  immersed within a world of black female leaders from African American musical traditions, Naru found in hip hop a power to describe her experiences with unmatched passion and vigor; expect such fierceness on the night!

We’re not the only ones in awe of such talent. Akua’s consistently political, multi-layered and insightful lyricism – coupled with her ability to integrate historical narratives into her music – has drawn the attention of scholars and activists around the globe.

Here at Span, we believe it’s vital to make such thought-provoking music available to local audiences. Artists such as Akua allow audiences to understand more of the conflicting history behind societies such as the African-American people, and how this background has helped to shape the music and culture of today.

akura-naru station

She’s secured her position on the music scene as a model for what women can achieve through hip-hop

Following the release of her incredible album – recorded live over two years – Naru has successfully strengthened her presence on the music scene as a model for what women can achieve through hip-hop.

Not one to settle in a single genre though, Akua’s music also takes influence from soul, blues, and jazz – bringing to life all corners of the past experiences that she’ll be expressing for us on the night.

Needless to say then, this will be an unmissable event! Reserve your spot soon and book tickets here or by calling us on 01834 869323.

We hope to see you there!

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