Gareth Malone’s ‘The Naked Choir’ Winners at NAVF 2016!

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Sons of Pitches

‘The Naked Choir’ 2015 winners The Sons of Pitches, will be performing at NAVF 2016


Everyone here at Span is gearing up for the highly anticipated performance from winners of BBC Two’s The Naked Choir with Gareth Malone, The Sons of Pitches at this year’s Narberth A Cappella Voice Festival. They’ll be headlining at the Queens Hall in Narberth on Saturday 20th February, and we couldn’t be more excited!

This multi-award winning British vocal group will combine soaring solos, outstanding harmonies and sensational beatboxing to stunning effect, which will no doubt leave our local audience in a cappella awe.

Since their creation in 2010, they have captivated audiences across the UK, USA and Asia with their highly creative vocal capacity, offering a programme of inventive pop covers, original numbers and impeccably improvised songs; it is this level of impressive a cappella ability that saw them crowned winners of Gareth Malone’s ‘The Naked Choir’ in October 2015.

Following the show, the ‘Sons’ have racked up over one million YouTube hits, and a growing international reputation to match; they have “given a cappella a kick up the backside” (ThreeWeeks).

For us here at Span, having such incredible talent to headline this year’s Narberth A Cappella Voice Festival has served to increase anticipation amongst local a cappella fanatics, with tickets already selling fast.

Sons Of Pitches shot in Shoreditch London on 09/11/14

Performing during NAVF 2016 at the Queens Hall, Narberth

Gareth Malone’s a cappella voice competition ‘The Naked Choir’ – aired on BBC Two – has helped to raise the profile and popularity of a cappella as a musical genre significantly, amongst both British and international audiences. This is undoubtedly part of the reason that tickets have been selling so quickly for The Sons of Pitches performance at NAVF 2016.

Take a look here at the talent these guys demonstrated on the Malone’s show last year; you’ll see exactly why we’re all so excited to welcome them to this years festival!

The Sons will also be hosting an informative vocal workshop from 10am on Sunday 21 February at the new Castle School premises at Sodston, offering festival participants and locals the chance to practice their harmonies with this impeccably chorused group.

During the festival – on Saturday 20th – the Sons will be supported by Welsh folk duo Fynnon, featuring singers Lynne Denman and Stacey Blythe performing music rooted deeply in the traditions and landscapes of these British Isles.

This evening will be opened by Cor Pawb Bach, featuring members from the 150 strong mass community choir organised by Span Arts’ Cheerful Project.

Don’t miss your chance to join in on this fantastic evening – tickets are selling quickly! To grab yours, give our Box Office a call on 01834 869323 or visit the NAVF website. For more info, email us at

We hope to see you there!

Sons Of Pitches shot in Shoreditch London on 09/11/14

Winners of Gareth Malone’s ‘The Naked Choir’ 2015



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